Do you have such a question, who came out to learn how to overcome the wall?

Do you have such a question, who came out to learn how to overcome the wall?

What kind of scientific Internet method should I choose?

Is it to buy a VPN, an airport, or a VPS self-built ladder?

Which way is more stable, safer and simpler to use?

Hello! Hello everyone, I’m James

. How do you quickly understand what circumvention is?

How to choose VPN, airport or VPS self-built ladder?

At the same time, I also simply share my personal experience and experience for your reference.

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The “wall” is actually the abbreviation

of the Great Firewall. The full English name is Great

Firewall. Some friends call it or GFW.

The GFW is the abbreviation of Great Firewall.

The “wall” is also a censorship system created for the Internet in mainland China.

This review system started in 1998

when a user visited a website listed on the Great Wall firewall or the IP of a server. The

wall would block communication with the server, and the user would not be able to access the target website,

such as Google, YouTube, etc. , Here I want to tell you that

the gfw list we often say

is actually a blacklist. As long as it is a URL/domain name

or server IP in the blacklist, it cannot be accessed normally in mainland China.

In fact, this blacklist is what we call censorship. The purpose of a blacklist in the system

is to filter out content that does not comply with national regulations.

What we often say is supporting the wall or scientific Internet access免费翻墙工具

is to use a special method or tool

to browse the website in the GFW or use a website.

Here, we I also don’t discuss the necessity and pros and cons of its existence, etc. I

just want to “understand” it with everyone, learn how to “bypass” it,

or reduce its impact on our access to information

so that the acquisition has an effect on ourselves. Value information and improve our own awareness.

In order to help us better understand “over the wall”,

let’s first understand what is the basic principle of web browsing.

In fact, when we visit a website, we

actually visit the

corresponding IP of this website. To put it simply, the data of the website on the address server

, for example, we entered in the browser.

In fact, we visit the domain name, and the website data on the (corresponding) IP server is

the ladder and blog website that we usually build , Personal website

corporate website, the purpose of DNS domain name resolution

is to point the domain name to the IP address of this server.

As long as we enter the visited website or domain name request in the browser,

the DNS server of the local broadband operator

will resolve it. Get the server IP corresponding to this domain name

and visit the directory where the website data is stored,

and then the data will be exchanged.

Then we can open this website

or say, visit the data of the website on this server, and

you may also wonder why We don’t directly

enter the server’s IP to access this website data,

but enter this website or domain name to visit.

That’s because the IP address numbers are too complicated.

Websites and domain names are easier to remember than IP addresses.

So, the shorter the domain name or The website, its value is higher.

If you want to know more details or information,

you can click to watch the video tutorial of “Cheese”.

Because of the existence of the “wall”, the operator’s DNS server is actually

receiving us After the visit request, it

actually has to go through the GFW, that is, this wall

will then visit the target network.

When our target website or the service we visit is in the GFW List, it

is also the blacklist we just mentioned.

At this time, the “wall” will block the communication with the target server,

so we can’t access the website or use the service

we often say” “Overcoming the wall”

is actually to bypass the active detection or blocking of the wall through various technical means

so that we can normally or use the websites or services in the gfw list. In

short, it is the VPN or client that we have enabled locally

. After the node is added, it takes over.

At this time, we only need to enter or in the browser. The

local computer, it will pretend the request is

to visit our “source” server

or it is already abroad. The open source (program/node) that has been deployed on the VPS

is not in the gfw list because the server’s IP or the domain name we use here

is not in the gfw list, so the “wall” will allow (access) to request

foreign “source” servers , After it receives the communication request,

he will go to verify it, what to verify?

Verify the node configuration information in the client or VPN

and the server address, password, encryption method, port, etc. deployed by the server to

determine whether they are the same.

If the

server (audit) access request is reasonable after the confirmation is correct, then I will visit this

For example, the target website, this is the that was just entered,

then visit the website directory corresponding to YouTube, and

then send the data back to our computer. At

this time, we can bypass the wall

and visit the blocked website normally or The service

is the oil pipe or Google or XXXhub that we just entered.

Of course, is it illegal to break the wall?

If you mean, the following types of circumventions must be “yes”.

Next, let’s take a look again, what is a VPN?

VPN, its full name is virtual private network

because of my English pronunciation (not good), so I don’t read it here.

In fact, it is a kind of encrypted communication technology

. Most of the application scenarios

are used for data transmission security and network anonymity

when we connect to free public WiFi

or use home networks to hide our IP address

and ensure that sensitive information on our side is not Leakage,

for example, your browsing activities, passwords, e-mail messages and other information.

In fact, from the perspective of overcoming the wall, VPN technology has many problems (spoofing). The

most serious problem is that its traffic characteristics are too obvious.

At present, the wall has been able to accurately identify

the traffic characteristics of most (using) VPN technologies and block them (spoofing).

Therefore, the VPN method is basically out of date,

especially in the special sensitive period

of the last few days. The services of VPN service providers have stopped.

In fact, some VPN providers

named the client or APP as XXXVPN for the convenience of promotion.

In fact, they use v2ray

shadowsocoks, shadowsocoksR and other open source programs to build

nodes because of their The price is good and cheap, and the simple use of

VPN has become the way most of the small partners first come into contact with the wall.

Of course, it also includes myself.

Slowly, there are also some small partners who understand VPN as the so-called “wall-climbing tool”

. The airport does not refer to the airport where we go on daily flight and flight,

but some service providers or platforms that provide special Internet access in a private way.

At the beginning, the service providers or platforms

used the clients of the shadowsocoks and shadowsocoksR protocols

. The logo is the pattern of a paper airplane.

So the airport becomes a general term for service providers that provide scientific Internet access or circumvent the wall.

As airport service providers also require larger operating

costs, most airports will set up different packages for different services.

For example, the use of traffic limits, whether to unlock the streaming media node,

whether it is a transit line, IPLC, IEPL line, etc.,

are to distinguish these (services). In layman’s

terms, the airport is similar to the mobile phone we use. Operators such as China Unicom, China Unicom, and China Telecom

will choose different operators and corresponding service packages according to their needs and budgets.

In fact, when we talk about self-built ladders or VPS nodes,

we deploy open source network tools on foreign servers.

For example, Shadowsocks, V2Ray, Trojan, Xray

and generate the corresponding server address, port, password, encryption method and other configuration information.

This is why we

always have these configuration information in the video we demonstrate. This is the reason.

Then, we The user installs a client input server that supports open source programs on the computer

Configure the information to connect

and create a local proxy.

The server and computer client software will ask each other to

provide the server address, password, encryption method, etc., and

wait for the two parties to verify that they are consistent before they can successfully connect, thereby achieving “Proxy Internet access”

More For information, please refer to the chapter on the principle of

overcoming the wall. We often say that Xray, shadowsocks, v2ray, trojan, etc.

They are all open source network tools. The program names

are developed using different programming languages. The

main implementation (method) is to use certain licenses.

I will not give an overview

here. Interested friends can understand what

we are talking about. This server side is actually our VPS.

We only need to buy VPS service providers and mention VPS to

common VPS service providers, such as bricklayers, Vultr or Google Cloud, etc.

The client is what we often call Qv2ray, Clash, v2rayN

v2rayNG, Shadowrocket, etc., and even soft routing system plug-in passwall

or SSR plus, Openclash

Hello World plug-in, etc., can be used as this client

That protocol is actually what we often call vmess, vless, trojan, shadowsocks.

They use different encrypted transmission protocols to encrypt data in

order to avoid the sniffing of the “wall”.

Before that, I will give you a principle.

Regardless of whether you use or choose any scientific method or method of surfing the Internet,

do not touch or express opinions on sensitive topics in

order to avoid risks to the greatest extent

because most of the small partners cannot circumvent

or block input methods or anti-virus software.

Or the airport collects your personal data or information.

Faced with so many airports or so many agreements, how should I choose?

Here I share my personal opinion. There are 5 points in total.

You can also refer to this form.

I will wait. I’ll talk about the first point of this form again later

. You must spend 5 minutes to write about your scientific Internet needs

or budget. Whether you look at xxxxhub, youtube

or Facebook or tikkok, netflix

will choose different according to your needs.

If you have these needs (above), VPN recommends that you not consider the

second one. If your budget is sufficient, try to choose an old airport.

There is also a website dedicated to evaluating airports, referred to as Poison

You can click to watch

the website. There are many reviews of these airports on this website.

You can refer to the

third one. Whether you buy any airport package or service, it

is recommended to buy it for a month and try it

even if you try the first one. In the month of the month, the

overall speed or service is very ok.

I don’t recommend your package here. The single renewal lasts more than three months.

After all, No one knows how the future development of the airport will be

. Fourth, we must be alert to large-scale airport promotional activities

because airports have fixed operating costs.

It is impossible to reduce package fees and cut their own profits.

After all, ordinary airports. The main thing is that you have to make a profit or make money

to provide high-quality services and stable routes

. Airports that blindly make profits and reduce their own profits.

Please consider carefully and carefully taste

point 5. If your budget is sufficient,

you can see that I mentioned it again. A

budget is actually the biggest factor that affects your choice. It is

recommended to buy more than two airports. One can be used as the main force and the

other can be used as a backup. It can also be used in case of special circumstances.

For example,

the airport I have on hand recently Now you can use both the

main power and the backup.

Here I will also tell you that

there will be bad airport service providers or the airport owner will choose to run at a certain time

and then change the website or name and re-operate.

This is why I will do the third point. It is recommended that the renewal period of a single package

should not exceed three months. This is the fundamental reason, everyone should pay attention!

Here I will briefly talk about this table.

First, if the budget of the VPN is acceptable (spoken error),

then you can also tolerate its slower speed and

the disadvantage that it cannot be used in sensitive periods. It is recommended that you use a VPN

if you are one month If the budget can be less than 60 yuan,

I suggest you go directly to the airport

because the airport has a stable and good line.

Although it has traffic restrictions, it supports more services

but it is generally difficult to get started.

After all, it will still involve some client settings

. There are also some client tutorials in my channel. If you

are interested, you can go and see the

third one. The self-built ladder is for some small partners

who actually have a certain amount of hands-on ability. You can buy a VPS (build a ladder).

However, TA has several shortcomings

. The first is that it is difficult to get started

because you have to register a domain name\buy a VPS\ and run the script. The

second one, TA takes time. More, what do you mean?

Suppose you bought a VPS and built a good node, and suddenly the node is not available,

you have to (re)build the node again, so

you spend too much time on a scientific online behavior

If you can spend money to solve things, don’t spend time.

This is one of my views.

Computer client, I suggest you use Qv2ray.

Here you just click to jump.

If you want to use VPS to build ladders

I suggest (use) the third Xray open source program

. If you still think that the airport is more suitable for your needs,

you can also go to the official airport just my socks.

You can click to understand.

Of course, I still want to

Just my socks airport, it has a shortcoming, it will cut off the

specific situation, the picture (below) has been written very clearly

if you can accept the cut off situation, you can try it

(after all, it ) Support 7 days no reason to

refund, the content of this issue of video sharing is here.

Your likes, subscriptions, and sharing sessions are

my biggest motivation to continue to share valuable videos.

Thank you for your support. I am James.

Our next issue Video, goodbye!

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